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AUBsis Student Information System
All you need to know about the Student Information System at AUB
    General Questions
    Student Records Questions
    Student Registration Questions

Questions related to students admission to AUB
    General Questions
    Graduate Studies
    Medicine (MD Program)
    Sophomore/First Year Professional
    Special not working for a degree/Visiting

Athletics Office
General Info about the Sports Department

Computing & Networking Services
General questions about computing services at AUB
    Computer Security
Information on the best practicies in Computer Security

General AUB-wide Questions
Answers to some of the frequently asked questions
    General Questions

Human Resources - Medical Center
    A- General Questions
General FAQ

Internal Audit

Intranet Applications (Citrix Server)
Information about available applications for AUBnet users
    General Questions

Office of the Vice President for Facilities (VPFF)
General information related to the Office of the Vice President for Facilities (VPFF)
    Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHS&RM)
EHS&RM Contact Information
    Facilities Planning and Design Unit (FPDU)
FPDU Contact Information
    Physical Plant Department (PPD)
PPD Contact Information
    The Materials Management Department - Campus (MMDC)
MMDC Contact Information

Policies and Procedures
The University's (campus and hospital) policies and procedural manuals
    General Questions

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