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 How do I use AUBsis?
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 What is the AUBsis program?
 What is the best browser to use with AUBsis?
 Q: How do I use AUBsis?   
 A: First-time users have to activate their accounts first.

- From AUBsis Homepage, click on "Activate/Change PIN" and follow instructions.

- From AUBsis Homepage, click on Login to Secure Area and enter your ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number) numbers

- Once signed on, please access the "Change PIN" Link and set your PIN to a 6 digit alphanumeric number you will remember.

- You will only need to change your PIN the first time you sign on.

Once you are finished with AUBsis, remember to press Exit and close your browser to protect your privacy.

Last updated: 21/7/2017  By: ddc@aub.edu.lb
 Q: What is SCT Banner?   
 A: The BANNER Series from Systems Computer Technology (SCT) consists of integrated systems that enable institutions of higher learning to provide high-quality services to students, faculty, and administrators. SCT BANNER Series features a complete set of student administration application for institutions of higher learning.

BANNER is designed for institutions of any size, including research institutions, comprehensive universities, community colleges, small and large private colleges, and state-wide systems.
Banner has rule-based architecture, where rules that govern information processing are maintained on-line. This allows users to easily update their administrative systems to effect changes in policies, procedures, and

Last updated: 21/7/2017  By: ddc@aub.edu.lb
 Q: What is the AUBsis program?   
 A: The AUBsis is the AUB Student Information System program which is a web-based program designed to provide services to students and faculty over the internet. Some services provided by this program will include registration (adding/dropping classes), class schedule, grades, transfer credit, changing your PIN number and view your address information, billing statements.

Last updated: 21/7/2017  By: ddc@aub.edu.lb
 Q: What is the best browser to use with AUBsis?   
 A: Any Javascript-enabled browser should work properly but the system was tested on Internet Explorer ver 5.0 or later or Netscape ver 4.5 or later.

Last updated: 21/7/2017  By: ddc@aub.edu.lb
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